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Company History

Oct, 2003Masamichi Saito (representative director of our company) participates as a project leader of a Stirling engine project with Marubeni before pro material establishment.
This project team engaged in development of a 50-kW Stirling engine power generation system.

Dec, 2004Emulsified fuel equipment is developed and development and a design of the waste fluid and the waste oil power generation system by sterling + emulsion are performed.

Jan, 2007Promaterials Inc established. Masamichi Saito is inaugurated as a representative director.
The Stirling engine study group used as the past of an NPO Japan Stirling engine spread association is started with National Defense Academy Emeritus Professor Tsuruno.

Mar, 2007Development agreement conclusion on the waste oil combustion technique using burner and Stirling engine with U.S. INFINIA Inc.

Jun, 20082008 Environmental Expo Japan (Tokyo Big Sight) displaying Stirling engine.

Feb, 2009Sterling engine power generation system-consulting-services start by waste heat, solar heat and the biomass, and each heat source.

Jun, 2012MOEJ, Feasibility Studies 2012 - for GHG Mitigation Project in Cambodia

Your inquiry regarding our business, consulting service request are quite welcome.
MOEJ, Feasibility Study in 2012 - for Global Warming Mitigation Project

Our proposal was adopted by BOCM (Bilateral Offseting Credit Mechanisms) feasibility investigation by Ministry of the Environment Japan. The study was conducted small-scale power generation using biomass with stirling engine in Cambodia. See more details HERE

Global Environment Center (GEC) on behalf of Ministry of the Environment Japan, has responsibility with respect to adoption of feasibility studies 2012. More details, HERE