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Future View, Our Vision.

Promaterials has undertaken both the enterprises about (1) practical use of the biomass, (2) the engineering accompanying it, with Stirling engine. The business subject which must cope with it locally and individually, respectively and must go from such experience has been overcome. It was able to have luckily the knowledge about the eligibility and the terms and conditions which can obtain cost performance most of the biomass solution using business accumulation and Stirling engine.

Promateirals Inc will carry out feasibility investigation of the electricity generation by biomass obtained by rice husk combustion which used the Stirling engine in Cambodia in 2012.
In investigation of the current year, it becomes a focus whether input and output are actually made efficiently and whether operating monitoring can be carried out or not.

The United Nations held in RIO at Brazil in June, 2012 Positioning about the future development as a "green economy" in the inside of the context of "poverty eradication" is indicated in the outcome document by the sustainable development meeting (Rio+20). However, The developing country is disgusted with forcing of the green economy by advanced nations , and the present condition is that there are many developing countries which express an opposite position.

By the conventional paradigm as "we are supporting" or "economical support", those are experientially recognized not to lead to the continuous development to a developing country or the area. We, Promaterials Inc also understand situation like above by Overseas cooperation experiences.

The rice husk power generation project in Cambodia, is carrying out the total engineering design containing less complex facilities and the least level pretreatment plant. By above output, lead to be an operational cost go remain low.

In principle, we respect to economic rationality and to the existing facility in local. By this way, We strongly think there are many serving as burden should decrease as much as possible.

And the most important point is "We are in there"

Domestic Enterprise
 If it is said that the conditions made for Stirling engine to be its favorite are restricted to overseas, that is never right.
In Japan, it leads also to a regional improvement policy by suppressing low each dwelling unit and economical expenditure of each institution by district heat and cooling or supply of regional energy also in the earthquake disaster stricken area of the northeast of a mountain village part or the point, and utilizing the biomass in the area.

There should take similar solutions, although the viewpoint differs between overseas operations and domestic operations .

In a business experience, we cultivated a lot of biomass practical use cases. From now on, we will offer continuously the best practice to the future with all social.
Your inquiry regarding our business, consulting service request are quite welcome.
MOEJ, Feasibility Study in 2012 - for Global Warming Mitigation Project

Our proposal was adopted by BOCM (Bilateral Offseting Credit Mechanisms) feasibility investigation by Ministry of the Environment Japan. The study was conducted small-scale power generation using biomass with stirling engine in Cambodia. See more details HERE

Global Environment Center (GEC) on behalf of Ministry of the Environment Japan, has responsibility with respect to adoption of feasibility studies 2012. More details, HERE