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Business briefing of Promaterials inc.
August 05, 2012
Kick-off meeting over the Cambodia power generation by rice husk combustion

Our Business

Our company supports every clients as consulting with respect to development with stirling engine by utilization of biomass resources.

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Overseas Project

We develop power supply systems using stirling engine into rural community, and we have confidence that we are tackling against poverty eradication and global warming.

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Your inquiry regarding our business, consulting service request are quite welcome.
MOEJ, Feasibility Study in 2012 - for Global Warming Mitigation Project

Our proposal was adopted by BOCM (Bilateral Offseting Credit Mechanisms) feasibility investigation by Ministry of the Environment Japan. The study was conducted small-scale power generation using biomass with stirling engine in Cambodia. See more details HERE

Global Environment Center (GEC) on behalf of Ministry of the Environment Japan, has responsibility with respect to adoption of feasibility studies 2012. More details, HERE