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Management Policy

"Produce Progressive Materials."

The useful material and application produce new goods ,service, legacy-reproducing, "retrofit" or "renew", and way to Sustainability... Why you do not think these are the solution of our life? They contribute to the earth, environment, and human beings towards "the future we want". The company name called a "pro-materials" was attached from this decision.

In order to realize the mind with which the company name was decided, An employee, with united purpose, carry out task for aiming our goal, by sharing various experience with delight.

Action Agenda
1. Producing electricity in the area without electricity, and contributes to a developing country or a area.
2. Contribute CO2 reduction in the world with the technology cultivated.
3. Build confidential relation with a cooperation company, an affiliated company, the staff, and stakeholders.
4. For realization of these targets, it performs promptly.

Representative Voice
Although the applicability of our product is large, we have left possibility as an unused field. The biomass is one of a heat source, Take into account of the biomass energy on the earth exists. More than 3 times as much potential energy as the energy for which all mankind is using. If we know how to use them by low-cost and it can be utilized ... It is not only about a fossil fuel use-efficiency, but also save the electric refugees in the world.
It contributes also to solution of inconsistency called the development of industry and the increase in CO2 which are the subjects of a developing country greatly. We feel a wonderful edge for trying to world wide use via producing electricity among developing country, with supporting developing strategy in developing country as revise stirling engine technique from Japan now. It is a grand theme which cannot be finished only by us. Although it is supporting and advancing to many cooperators and supporters, this which must be spread as anything also for the earth considers our mission. We have a mind and an intention. we would like to take notice of the activity by all means.

 I would like to tell you.

Let's think together the energy, the environment, poverty, technology of Stirling engine, future, etc... If you would like to have an action with us, We will gladly consider concrete actions for working together.

Aug 01, 2012

Masamichi Saito
Promaterials Inc. Representative director

* The Photo is taken at Sunway hotel in phnom penh.
Workshop on Potential GHG Mitigation for New Market Mechanisms in Cambodia, Jan 2012.

Your inquiry regarding our business, consulting service request are quite welcome.
MOEJ, Feasibility Study in 2012 - for Global Warming Mitigation Project

Our proposal was adopted by BOCM (Bilateral Offseting Credit Mechanisms) feasibility investigation by Ministry of the Environment Japan. The study was conducted small-scale power generation using biomass with stirling engine in Cambodia. See more details HERE

Global Environment Center (GEC) on behalf of Ministry of the Environment Japan, has responsibility with respect to adoption of feasibility studies 2012. More details, HERE