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Stirling Engine Use Development, Engineering

Promaterials united focal with various fuel and heat sources which are the features of a Stirling engine being applicable, and has so far contributed to a technical proposal and industrialization to you of a client.

We have dealt with the enterprise of the surplus heat use system which specifically uses and generates the surplus heat of a baking furnace, the electricity-generation-by-biomass system which utilized biomass energy, and the solar-powered electricity generation which collects and generates sunlight with lens.

Surplus heat use system

Fig.1 Our Client's factory, Situation of power generation examination surplus heat use system

How Stirling engine works as suitable
At many factories, great "heat" used on the occasion of processing of a product is emitted into the atmosphere, without the ability to reuse and recycle. The loss of fuel and CO2 discharge have occurred.

Since the surplus heat which can be used is also limited as a subject on engineering technology, sufficient heat use is in a difficult situation. Specifically, problem of initial cost and of incidental-facilities space arises. Also The weight of a dynamo, and many operational cost become problem.

Promaterials collects energies as electric power (+ warm water) where the system installation difficult situated also acquire heat, by using Stirling engine after practicing engineering.The figure below is an image of the exhaust heat recovery in the calcination line in pottery industry and soil-and-stone product manufacturing business.

Fig.2 The image of the exhaust heat recovery in the calcination line

Electricity-generation-by-biomass system
Fig.3 The image of electricity generation by biomass

How Stirling engine works as suitable
The biomass has many heat use purposes fundamentally, and the pellet stove is used in Japan.
In order to use the biomass for power generation, the technique of gasifying and generating electricity in a turbine is taken, but the present condition is that must provide the means of removing corrosion gas depending on the pretreatment institution and the source of a biomass fuel which are called gasification, and cost and institution volume also increases.

The electricity-generation-by-biomass system which Promaterialsl proposes has cleared the investment rating standard of such institution volume and cost, We developed the application to a subject called the measure against adhesion of the ashes to a heat receiving part, or soot and thermal control which were the subjects for making Stirling engine apply.

The practical use proposal of biomass gas
We really know how is important to use the sauce of methane by a bio-digester. Moreover, methane, such as waste, also serves as useful resources. As a present subject, when using biomass gas, if sufficient gas purification is not made, a calorie is uneven, or the fire by negligence by the gas of a low calorie is also considered.

If it is an enterprise which can build a plant called gas purification, such a problem will not arise, but the site which can extract biomass gas fundamentally is not an area which serves as a farm village part and from which it can expect sufficient institution construction. Then, We succeeded fully burning the low calorie gas via raising the combustor efficiency of gas markedly by Burner: Tubular flame burner, using the basis of Professor Ishizuka, Hiroshima University, editorial supervision. The application to the biomass gas power generation using a Stirling engine is also confirmed.
Fig.4 Burner: Tubular flame burner
Special burner which can burn without being fired by negligence also by low calorie gas
Development cooperation: Professor Ishizuka, Hiroshima University

Solar-powered electricity generation
Fig.5 The image of Solar-powered electricity generation

Feature of this system
When a Stirling engine is used, the power generation efficiency of 20% or more can be expected, and there is advantage as compared with the usual solar power generation. Use of warm water can also raise combined efficiency further at a possible place.
The engine can drop a price to about 2,000 US$/set at the time of mass production. It seems that it is possible to drop cost to about 1/2 of the existing photovoltaics even if it combines with a lens or a frame.

Installation directly under the equator poor at the conventional photovoltaics
If a battery uses the conventional solar power generation directly under [ which becomes high temperature ] the equator, it will disagree with the strength of sunlight and efficiency will fall. However, it can be said that it is environment suitable for our solar power generation there, and the installation to larger area is possible for it. The desert and South America in Southeast Asia directly under the equator or the Middle East are also the systems whose effective use is possible.
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MOEJ, Feasibility Study in 2012 - for Global Warming Mitigation Project

Our proposal was adopted by BOCM (Bilateral Offseting Credit Mechanisms) feasibility investigation by Ministry of the Environment Japan. The study was conducted small-scale power generation using biomass with stirling engine in Cambodia. See more details HERE

Global Environment Center (GEC) on behalf of Ministry of the Environment Japan, has responsibility with respect to adoption of feasibility studies 2012. More details, HERE